Six Effective Strategies for Optimizing Email Campaigns

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  • April 21, 2016
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Email marketing campaigns are among the most effective strategies for reaching new and existing customers. However, some marketing emails are better than others. Following are six ways to enhance your chances that your marketing emails will be opened, read, and followed up on by recipients.

1.Keep Subject Lines Short and Sweet

Subject lines determine whether recipients open emails or click them into oblivion. Short, sweet subject lines that come to the point have a better chance of being read than those that are rambling and vague. The subject line should grab the attention of the recipient in much the same way that a well-written newspaper headline prompts readers to continue on to the rest of the story. A good way to provide an indication of the contents of the email while simultaneously piquing the recipient’s curiosity is to write the subject line in the form of a question.  For instance, if your email is focusing on seasonal fashion trends, your subject line could be something along the lines of “What Will You Wear to Upcoming Summer Wedding Receptions?”

2. Add Personal Elements

Write the email in a way that makes recipients feel as if you are speaking directly to them. The majority of email tools provide users with the opportunity to use short codes that can be used to include the recipient’s name in the body of the text when the email is sent out. Never use third person in email campaign content because it puts a degree of distance between you and the reader. At the same time, avoid the temptation to be overly familiar because that may come across as fake. Also, using a “no reply” email address. This only serves to put unnecessary distance between you and potential customers as well as gives the impression that you don’t really value contact or input from recipients.

3. Avoid Landing in the Spam Box

All your hard work crafting emails that set the right tone and include pertinent information will be for nothing if your correspondence ends up in customers’ spam boxes. You can avoid tripping common email spam filtering programs by not using all capital letters in your subject line, not using badly formatted email templates, and not using hyperbolic tactics such as multiple exclamation points designed to get attention. All email programs handle spam in a slightly different manner, but taking the proceeding precautions gives your email the best chances of landing in as many Inboxes as possible. You also want to avoid too many people marking your emails as ‘spam” — too many spam complaints can get your email address permanently shut down.

4. Keep it Clean, Clear, and Crisp

Once a recipient has been enticed to open your email by a good subject line, keeping them reading is the next important step. Few things send marketing emails spiraling off into cyberspace faster than big walls of uninterrupted text. Most people give up on reading this sort of thing when they’re about a few sentences in, especially when paragraphs are over 200 or so words. Keep in mind that most people scan emails rather than actually read them, so it helps to:

  • Make paragraphs short
  • Use bullet points to highlight salient points
  • Lots of white space gives an attractively crisp look to text.
  • Content should be error free — a marketing email with misspellings and grammatical errors make companies look unprofessional.

5. Include a Strong Call to Action With a Prominent Clickable Link

The call to action that comes at the end of your email should contain a clearly clickable link instead of the clichéd “click here.” Your CTA should appeal to emotions without being melodramatic or otherwise overdone. Like your subject line, your CTA should be short, sweet, and provide customers with a clear idea of what to expect when they click on the link. Always begin your CTA with a strong action verb such as “shop” or “buy.”

6. Don’t Lose Out on the Mobile Market

Many modern consumers check their email  via smartphones, and if your emails aren’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re potentially missing out on a significant amount of customers. Many younger consumers use mobile devices exclusively.

Effective email marketing campaigns take time, talent, and creativity. The best of them identify a problem, explain what can occur if the problem continues, and offer a solution that solves the problem. Not all great business people are good writers, and many businesses hire professionals to craft their marketing emails rather than tackle the job themselves, and this can really pay off with the right service on your side.

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