Six Modern Marketing Solutions Your Business Needs to Thrive

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  • April 28, 2016
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Most small business owners already know the importance of crafting and maintaining a positive online presence, but the constantly changing face of digital marketing can be confusing. As technology continues to develop and evolve at a rapid pace, marketing strategies must adapt accordingly. Following are just six of the ways that a good marketing solution can pump up the bottom line of your business.

1. Use Interactive Social Media

Allowing customers to interact with posts on social media pages cultivates a connection with the business.

Keep the goal in mind. Although a conversational, friendly tone is desired, it’s also important to keep discussions steered toward the benefits of the products and services the business offers.

Keep it fresh. Fresh content is also essential. Potential customers often check out the social media pages of those who they’re considering doing business with, and social media that lacks recent updates gives the impression that the business may have closed up shop.

Keep options open. Also, don’t underestimate the impact of paid social media advertising. Almost everyone uses Facebook these days, for instance, but don’t overlook Twitter, Instagram, and other lesser lights on the social media landscape.

2. Serve Multi-Device Consumers

Mobile devices are an extremely important component of today’s marketing landscape. Some consumers, particularly younger ones, rely solely on smartphones for their internet access. Even those whose primary device is a PC or an Apple depend highly on mobile devices, so optimizing your business website for navigation by mobile devices ensures that you won’t miss out on these customers. If your site doesn’t fit on a mobile screen, potential customers will simply click on to the next thing.

3. Don’t Rely Solely on Google

Many digital marketing strategies revolve completely around Google algorithms. Although Google is and will assuredly remain a key player in digital marketing strategies for some time to come, neglecting other marketing eggs is a major mistake. Alternatives to Google are cropping up all time, and today’s fickle consumer has no problem jumping ship for something that offers perceived benefits such as additional surfing privacy.

4. Establish a Solid Brand Presence

Developing a brand presence that is immediately recognizable to consumers is another integral part of digital marketing.

  • Hiring a professional logo designer is well worth the investment.
  • Building brand awareness also involves developing proprietary eponyms, which means that the official name of your product or service has become synonymous with generic terms for similar products and services.
  • Innovative ways to craft brand awareness include referral programs, sharable infographics, partnerships with other local businesses, contests, podcast, and of course, cultivation of a positive and engaged social media presence.
  • Remarketing campaigns are another great way to keep your brand visible to the online consumer.

Remarketing strategies involve showing your online ads to those who have previously visited your site as they surf the internet.

5. Identify Your Target Audience

Rather than attempting to reach the largest possible number of consumers, identifying a target audience and focusing primarily on them provides a better return on investment. Marketing strategies of the past have concentrated on reaching as many potential customers as possible, but experts agree that in today’s marketplace, it’s more cost effective to focus primarily on consumers who are likely to purchase your products and services.

6. Track and Analyze Consumer Behavior Patterns 

Even if you accurately pinpoint your target audience, keep in mind that you’re dealing with a moving target. Tracking and analyzing customer behavior patterns can help businesses stay one step ahead of consumer trends. Effective metrics provide real-time insights that allow businesses to act quickly in order to take advantage of emerging shifts in consumer purchasing decisions. This will allow your business to more easily identify future opportunities rather than simply focusing on trends that have already become evident.

Implementing and managing a modern marketing solution can be a challenging undertaking for the majority of small and medium business owners and managers. Hiring a reputable marketing firm is a cost-effective option that more than pays for itself in most cases.

Contact Merchants Resource Group for a free consultation on moving forward with developing a modern digital marketing plan for your business.

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